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Design Pressure  Vacuum 
Operating Pressure Vacuum 
Construction Material
Estimated Delivery Date
Tank Features
Pressure Relief
(2.0oz Standard)
(0.5oz Standard)
Deck Manway
Side Door
Deck Perimeter Guardrail  
Outside Ladder(s) Quantity 
Crossovers Quantity    Size (feet) 
Bin Vent Flange Quantity    Size (inches sq.)   
Load (lbs)
Deck Conveyor Supports Quantity    Load (lbs) 
Manway access in hopper   Quantity 
Manway access in sidewall   Quantity 
Nozzle Type 1   Quantity   
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Nozzle Type 2   Quantity   
Diameter (inches) 
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Diameter (inches) 
Level indicator opening(s) Quantity     (5 " diameter)
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Level indicator coupling(s) Quantity 
12" aluminum slide gate  
Fill Pipe Bracket(s) only for     to    
Size (diameter) Complete Quantity 
Fill pipe assembly size (inches)
Fill pipe Material
Material Information
Material to be Stored  
Bulk Density in PCF
Angle of Repose in degrees
Support Style Full Skirt Short Skirt Stub Legs (welded)
Legs (welded) Lugs (welded)
Structure (By Coast)
Interior Coating None Red Oxide Polyamide Epoxy
FDA Epoxy AR-Lon 6100
Exterior Coating Primer with Finish White Topcoat
Special Color (other than white)
Tank Dimensions (Refer to diagram below)
A1 (Straight Wall Height)

A2 (Inside Diameter)

A3 (Eave Height)

A4 (Degree Hopper)

A5 (Hopper Outlet)

A6 (Clearance to Grade)

Is there a clear area around silo area?
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