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Vacuum Conveying System Quote Request Form
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Material description Spherical     Granular       Flaky     Other
Particle size
Ambient temperature  °F
Process Information  
What is the process Injection  Blow Molding Extrusion Other
What is the origin of the material Silo     Gaylord     In-plant bin    Other
Material lines Dedicated    Single    
What is the distance of the source to the destination
What is the horizontal distance from the source to the first machine
What is the vertical height
How many turns are in the line
How many machines are in the system
What is the distance between each machine
What is the distance from the last machine to the destination
What material contact is required Aluminum    Stainless steel   Carbon steel
What is the location of the power unit(s)
What is the plant voltage
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Are there any special considerations

Dropped ceilings   Trenches to run lines 

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Note:  If possible, please provide a drawing of the plant and layout of the machines.