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Maguire Concentrate FeedersImage:  Maguire Concentrate FeedersHow they work:
The controller signal cord is plugged into an outlet that is energized only when the process machine screw runs. During each screw return cycle (or continuous for extrusion), the motor runs and color is metered into the throat of the process machine.

The digital counter located on the face of the controller provides the means for predetermining the exact degree of auger rotation and, therefore, the precise amount of color that will be added. For injection molders, the motor will shut off when the preset count is reached during each cycle. For extruders, an optional digital tachometer feedback is available to ensure that motor speed is precisely regulated regardless of changing torque requirements or variations in plant voltage.

To determine the proper setting for the counter, a simple formula is used based on percentage of color required, a predetermined metering rate, and total shot weight in grams (or pounds per hour for extrusion applications).

The controller contains a 1/27 HP DC Permanent Magnet motor with variable speed control. In the standard configuration, the motor is close coupled to a heavy duty gearbox. As the motor turns, a "hall effect" pickup device on the motor sends 3 pulses per revolution to the microprocessor controlling it. The gearbox ratio of 53:1 means that 159 pulses (3x53) are received for every single revolution of the motor output shaft.

The thumbwheel switch on the controller should be set to the exact number of pulses that the motor is going to run before stopping. The microprocessor in the controller automatically multiplies the setting by a factor of 10. A setting of 16 on the controller will allow the controller to receive 160 pulses or run approximately 1 revolution before stopping (regardless of motor speed).

MCF Series
Automatic Speed Control
Using digital input, the microprocessor detects and automatically compensates for changing cycle times, varying torque requirements, and/or fluctuations in plant voltage. This eliminates the need for monitoring and adjustment. As an option, the controller may be remotely positioned up to 20 ft. from the processing machine.

Selection of Feed Rates
Auger sizes of 1/2" and 1" are available with a selection of variable-speed motors ranging to a maximum of 130 RPM. Your part weight or maximum extrusion rate will determine the proper combination for your application.

Stable, Low Profile Adaptor Frame
The 10" square adaptor frame with corner support angle iron provides a stable platform for your existing natural material hopper, while only raising it 3-1/2 inches. A wide range of bolt patterns can be accommodated. An 8"x8" pattern is standard to match other items manufactured by Maguire Products.

Removable Stainless Steel Hopper
The concentrate hopper rests securely in a support channel without utilizing bolts or fasteners. To change colors, the entire assembly (including hopper, auger tube, and auger) is easily removed by the operator and carried back to the color container. No pellets are left to contaminate your next color, and not one pellet is spilled. All stainless steel construction assures ease of cleanup. The 0.5 cu. ft. hopper holds up to 30 pounds of concentrate and four sight glasses provide a clear view of the color level. The lid is fitted to allow the addition of our Model ML color loader.

Material Flow Baffle Chamber
Shown is the Maguire "material flow baffle chamber" on Series MCF feeders. The stainless steel sides are formed to produce a baffled flow of resin such that the color pellets are dropped into and evenly distributed throughout the flow of natural material. Acrylic panels provide a clear view of the resin and color flow.

Pellet Shutoff
A simple but very effective slide bar prevents pellets from spilling from the auger tube when the hopper is removed for color changes. This bar slides forward when the drive unit is engaged, allowing pellets to dispense properly. During hopper removal, the bar slides back to cover the open end of the auger tube.


Auger Size

Max RPMs

Continuous Output lb/hr





1/2" (12mm)


.05 (0.02 kg)

4 (1.8 kg)


1/2" (12mm)


.1 (0.05 kg)

7 (3.2 kg)

MCF-8-34 STD

1" (25mm)


.7 (0.32 kg)

58 (26 kg)


1" (25mm)


1.6 (0.73 kg)

135 (61 kg)


2" (50mm)


8.0 (3.6 kg)

600 (272 kg)

Exclusive 5 Year Warranty Maguire Concentrate Feeders carry a 5 year factory warranty. Maguire warrants this equipment to be free from defects in workmanship under normal use and service.